About Pacific Minerals Ltd
Nick Wang

Senior Manager of Business Development Division Graduated from Shanghai Maritime University , Master Degree of international shipping management. More than 7 years of working experience in industry, working close with mines and steelmakers around China.
Pacific Minerals Limited (PML) was established by Mr Clement Ko in 2003. The company has grown quickly every year and in 2011 we sold about 7 million tonnes of steelmaking raw materials to our Chinese customers. Revenue for the year was over US$ 1 billion. In 2013, we did FOB and CFR shipments to our Asian customers over 10 million tonnes and revenue for the year are over US$1.5 billion. Pacific Minerals’ interests span commodity trading, shipping and direct equity investments in the resources industry. The company has regional offices both in HongKong and Shanghai. PML is aiming to become a regional mineral and metal trader and service provider, focusing on regional steel/metal industry, in particular for Chinese steel/metal industry. It is planning to enter into other steel/metal related raw material sectors rather than carbon steel raw materials, e.g., iron ore and coking coal. Possibility of handling non-ferrous sector and steel trading segment is being studied as well. Furthermore, the Company has intention to build up its own logistic function to handle its own trading volume for customers.