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to be a “one-stop” shop for our customers and suppliers, we facilitate international investment for resources industry both inside and outside China; and perform studies of the resources industry in China for multinational companies. We also have strategic partnership with some Chinese key steel mills in raw materials procurement.
Trading - iron ore, coal and other steel making raw materials. We have successfully marketed imported metallurgical coal and iron ore in China and other Asia countries since we commenced operations in June 2003, the company will have total shipments over 50 million tones of steelmaking raw materials to our Chinese customers up to the end of 2012.
Logistics – extensive knowledge of transport and logistics also enables us to handle international and domestic freight solutions for our customers’ behalf as required.
Mining – From 2007 upto date, we accompanied with our key steel mill to set up a mining company for Australian project.
we are also expanding our products and shipments to other countries. In 2007, we increased our product for chrome ore from Turkey and Oman both for import to our Chinese customers. In 2008 we expanded our business not only for steel making raw materials but also for steel products export from China to customers in Thailand and Indonesia respectively.